Thursday, May 23, 2013

"A Party without cake is just a meeting" ~ Julia Child

Everybody has their favorite from fondant to naked. I prefer a buttercream iced cake made with real butter, not shortening, over fondant decorated cakes.  I am, also, loving the naked cake. I can't wait to try one! 

Fondant Decorated Cakes

Black and white cakeBlack and white cake

Gold wedding cakeYellow and white wedding cake

Green and Brown wedding cakewhite cake with handpainted peony    
Vintage CakeGold and light pink wedding cake
White and pink striped cake with peonyLight pink and black cake with monogram

Gray and yellow cake with hot air balloon and animalsYellow and white striped cake

 Buttercream Icing

         Yellow and white buttercream cake

Naked Cakes

Links to Cakes
Black and White with Pearls Fondant
Yellow and White Fondant
Green and Brown Fondant
White with Peony Fondant
Pink and Gold Fondant
Black and Pink Fondant
Hot Air Balloon Fondant
Square Yellow and White Fondant
Peach Buttercream
Light Green with Gold Flecks Buttercream
Green Buttercream
White Buttercream
Yellow Buttercream
White Drizzled
Orange and Yellow
Caramel Drizzled
Red Velvet Cake
All of these cakes were found on Pinterest

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