Monday, May 20, 2013

Forget about Your Budget and Dream

Before you start worrying about your budget, have some fun and dream about your perfect wedding. Pull pages out of magazines with pictures that you like, start a Pinterest board, take pictures of things that you find pretty. Something will catch your heart and you'll have your inspiration. Once you have that, everything will fall into place. Weddings as with any event, should always have a unifying theme. I started a Pinterest board for a light pink or blush wedding. I'm a color person, so I always start there. Luxurious linens are my downfall. I had these six linen swatches on my board:

 Dupioni Silk Light Pink
 Dupioni Silk Light Pink
Iridescent Taffeta Light Pink
Honeysuckle Splendid Garden
Pink Eternity Stripe
Pink Rosebud
Pink Mini Pintuck

Invitations were next, I adore beautiful stationary. Paper, fonts, embellishments, all caught my eye. Invitations set the mood for your wedding. When your guests receive their invitation, they get a glimpse of what your wedding will be like.

Lela NewYork
Revelry Invitations

B Studio Wedding Invitations

Kimberly FitzSimons

Oblation Papers and Press

B Studio Wedding Invitations

Staying with the pale pink theme, below are the flower pictures that I pinned. I wasn't really thinking about what I was pinning.  I was just looking for light pink flowers. When I was done pinning, it was fairly obvious what I liked! This wedding was going to be romantic and soft.





Out of my linens, invitations, and flowers, I liked these combinations the best:


Now, all that I have to do is pick one and go with it! Eventually, you will have to be concerned with your budget. There are always ways to get the look that you want. For example, instead of the letterpress invitations or custom, you can get the flat digital. Maybe, you can't afford the eternity stripe linen, use a white tablecloth with a pink runner, or use a pink napkin. In my next blog, I'll finish this look.

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